• When the vendor-neutral exam debuted five years ago, CompTIA planned for worldwide adoption. However, use of the PDI+ certification has been largely limited to Canada, where the primary interest in its development originated. Redeveloping the CompTIA PDI+ so the exam remains relevant to the job roles and responsibilities of a technician involved in repair and maintenance of current multi-function devices would be too costly, given the exam’s current level of adoption. 


    Technicians in customer service, field service, help desk, network support and service center roles, especially those working for large companies in the print and document imaging segment, have demonstrated their knowledge and skills through CompTIA PDI+ certification. After the PDI+ exam retires, CompTIA recommends that technicians validate their print and document imaging skills by earning the CompTIA A+ combined with vendor-specific training.

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  • Enterprise routers are basic products for any business/enterprise. They plays important role for businesses and enterprises in connecting computer networks and the internet. Routers has many functionalities such as enterprise routing, higher CPU capacity to control place tasks.


    Enterprise routers comes in different sizes and functionalities which depend on the company’s size and data usage. These routers are modular and rack-mounted products which are designed to be centrally located.

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  • Small cells are ideal for places that are crowded or far from a traditional cell tower, and they provide relief to companies that lose money whenever their coverage slows down or is interrupted. After all, even in a large city, there can be plenty of pockets where smartphones and other mobile devices don’t work well, such as the spaces between tall buildings.


    If you’d like to take advantage of this breakthrough technology, you’ll obviously need cell site deployment that you can trust.

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  • Rapid advances in technology mean frequent updates, and organizations must keep up with the changes or face losing their competitive edge.

    At one time, large companies employed expensive IT teams full time, moving them from site to site as needed. However, today’s organizations are more likely to choose third-party service providers. Their experience and expertise in multi-site network deployment ensures a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

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  • Servers and Networks are not “set it and forget it” devices. Just like cars, they need preventative maintenance and on-demand diagnostic assessment to troubleshoot issues.

    Immediate, reliable access to information is critical to the operation of your company. Your company’s servers deliver and process the information you need at the speed of light. To keep your servers operating at peak-performance, it’s important to take a close look under the hood. Field engineers can handle quarterly, bi-annual, and annual server maintenance intervals, giving your organization the confidence that comes with a well-tuned data platform.

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