• Blue Screen Of Death Crashes And Boot Failures

    After installing it I started having BSOD every time I started my PC,” stated one user who contacted Windows Latest. “Only solution I had was rolling back to a previous restore points of some days ago.”


    “This March update installed automatically on my devices and it leads to BSOD errors on my gaming PC and my work laptop,” wrote another. 

    Know more: Workstation PC

    Others took to Reddit: 


    “I'm in the same boat. Black screen after BIOS since yesterday morning. Haven't been able to format hard drive to reinstall. It's been a total nightmare” - source


    “Installed KB4540673 today got blue screen while playing CS:GO… All my drivers are updated but with recent windows 10 updates I am running into problems constantly.” - source


    “After the update I am stuck on the "welcome" screen, loading forever. If I press the power button it changes to the "shutting down" screen but it's still stuck there forever. I have to forcibly press the power button until the pc shuts down if I want to exit...but I'm completely locked out.” - source


    “I had the same. I ran WinRE startup recovery which removed the update so my laptop is working again. I'm deciding what to do next.” - source


    If this sounds familiar, it should. The exact same problems occurred with another recent Windows 10 update - KB4535996 - earlier this week. 

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