• Computer Repair Technician Job Descriptions

    Computer repair technicians perform various functions in ensuring that computer equipment work optimally.

    In most industries, a computer repair technician’s job description entails the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

    • Perform installation and configuration of peripherals, microcomputer workstations, LAN/WAN components, and printers
    • Diagnose equipment failures and/or printer problems; perform required repairs; replace bad components in field if a suitable spare is available, or bring them back to shop for repair; reinstall repaired equipment; install loaner equipment
    • Investigate LAN/WAN failures, carry out repair on equipment or completely replace it if necessary
    • Carry out preventive maintenance tasks on microcomputer, all types of printers, and peripherals
    • Keep correct record of asset management tracking, inventory control, work completed, and work in progress
    • Keep documentation of parts inventory, order for parts, and supplies delivered
    • Provide assistance to other company personnel as may be needed to enable them complete their assigned duties
    • Perform other tasks that may be assigned.

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