• Digital Adoption Tools

    Gartner recognized this category in 2019 because it saw that to ferry companies through "digital transformation" to a posture more responsive and adaptable to a digital economy, a new class of tools was required.


    Similar to the way railroads developed to support an economic expansion that opened brand new markets, digital adoption solutions developed to support a technological revolution that has penetrated every corner of modern economic activity.

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    Just as railroads connect geographies -- often closely tracking economic development and providing continuity of goods and people to support expanding markets -- digital adoption solutions connect a company to the future version of itself, providing continuity, context and support. Because companies are changing constantly, this layer is now essential.


    These solutions "are used to improve adoption of multiple tools across [an] organization, according to Gartner. They provide "a consistent user experience, eliminating in some cases manual entry." They deliver "visually clear paths to complete tasks" across different applications, and some leverage AI to calibrate their advice to individual workers, offering contextual assistance at pain points unique to that user.


    This foundation of automation and artificial intelligence, by which digital adoption solutions learn from users' in-app behavior, also means a continually improving quality of guidance. Without any extra input from workers (beyond their normal workflows), they'll receive a faster pace of better recommendations and next-best actions at key points, making decision making smooth and easy in areas that used to be bottlenecks.


    The result is a software layer that unites disparate business applications, linking them from a usability standpoint so that even if business technologies are undergoing radical disruption, the adverse effect on workers using digital adoption solutions is minimal.


    When employees feel confident with their tools -- which is to say software, in many modern workplaces -- they're happier and more productive at work, research shows. Digital adoption solutions elevate the employee experience by removing software-based obstacles across all the business applications they use.

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