• Help Desk vs Service Desk: What’s The Difference?

    A few years ago, the ITIL® purist in me would have argued that help desks and service desks are two completely different beasts. Now, I am inclined to say that the distinction is probably more semantics than anything else. Still, many out there say that a help desk and a service desk are not the same, so in this article I will explore the differences and similarities between help desks and service desks. In the end, it is up to you and your organization to decide what to call the function that provides the gateway to your IT services—there is no right or wrong here.


    Let’s start with the most widely used definitions of help desks and service desks, along with some examples and tips on how to choose what’s right for your company.


    The IT help desk is typically seen as more tactical, with the primary goal of helping to quickly resolve end users’ immediate needs and technical issues and incidents. The help desk is reactive in nature, but is expected to be efficient and speedy. The IT help desk can be separate from or part of a larger service desk operation to improve the overall organization’s customer services.

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