• How collaboration is evolving: A Microsoft-Adobe discussion

    Across every conversation and every idea, AI dominated this year’s Future Decoded. From partner sessions to the unveiling of our exclusive report, ‘Accelerating competitive advantage with AI’, no-one could escape the technology and how it’s enabling businesses to do more.

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    Never was that more apparent than when I sat down with Michael Plimsoll, senior industry strategist at Adobe to discuss the future of AI. AI-driven customer experiences that are personalised, scalable, and compelling: that’s the goal as, together, Microsoft and Adobe are set to launch a joint pitch to increase collaboration.

    ‘Great AI needs great data,’ I told ouraudience. ‘One of the biggest pieces of work that we’ve undertaken at Microsoft in the UK has been around getting that single source of truth, that single source of customer data on which we can start to overlay some amazing tools and technology, some of those from Adobe.’




    Changing how you collaborate

    But, as I said, this ‘single source of truth’ is only attainable through collaboration. It demands teamwork between the marketing and IT teams – a fact highlighted in research undertaken by IDG for both our companies. The report showed that, in supporting future technology needs, a third of CIOs plan to team-up with the CMO.


    I explained: ‘Actually to do that requires a great deal of collaboration across the business, not just in terms of clearly working with the IT team, and ensuring that the technology roadmap, the processes, the stack, the usage all works beautifully, but then ensuring that’s infused and integrated into the way our sellers work, and our product team work. Really what that needs is amazing collaboration.’

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