• How To Become Professional in CompTIA PDI+

    When the vendor-neutral exam debuted five years ago, CompTIA planned for worldwide adoption. However, use of the PDI+ certification has been largely limited to Canada, where the primary interest in its development originated. Redeveloping the CompTIA PDI+ so the exam remains relevant to the job roles and responsibilities of a technician involved in repair and maintenance of current multi-function devices would be too costly, given the exam’s current level of adoption. 


    Technicians in customer service, field service, help desk, network support and service center roles, especially those working for large companies in the print and document imaging segment, have demonstrated their knowledge and skills through CompTIA PDI+ certification. After the PDI+ exam retires, CompTIA recommends that technicians validate their print and document imaging skills by earning the CompTIA A+ combined with vendor-specific training.

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