• Job duties of a cloud engineers

    A cloud engineer is responsible for developing, building, maintaining, and implementing the cloud network within the organization. With cloud adoption becoming more commonplace, these engineers can work virtually anywhere, from small organizations with only one or two computers, to huge businesses that have an international presence. Good cloud engineers have an in-depth understanding, therefore, of the business plan of their organization so that they can develop a cloud solution that is fully fit for purpose.


    These engineers design and implement cloud networks. Once deployed, they are responsible for the system’s management. They help troubleshoot any issues and help to train employees on how to properly operate it. Furthermore, they analyze how the network is used so that they can anticipate growth. Often, they work with other employees in the IT sector, including computer systems administrators, network architects, and systems managers. This ensures that all the networking requirements are met and properly implemented and supported.


    Other job duties of a cloud engineer are:


    To develop layouts and plans for the overall cloud communication network

    To speak to management to showcase why moving to the cloud is the best solution for the organization

    To have a strong focus on information security

    To ensure all hardware, including adapters and routers, and all software, including drivers, are fully up to date to support the cloud

    To stay up to date with new developments in the world of cloud technology so that the implemented solutions are always up to date and fully fit for purpose

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