• Tasks of Cloud Engineers

    You are responsible for the installation and operation of Cloud Platforms and you will be building and deploying applications at scale. This includes that you:

    • Design and deploy enterprise-wide scalable operations on Cloud Platforms​;
    • Build, maintain, and expand the Azure cloud services that haven been established;
    • Will make the transition of the current workloads into the Verder Group public Cloud platform;
    • Monitor, handle requests and incidents, configuration management and improve solutions on our Azure cloud platform​;
    • Ensure configuration management, performance and security monitoring of customer services​;
    • Recognize common problems and try to prevent them and identify opportunities for service improvement​;
    • Develop scripts to automate the deployment of Azure architecture and solutions.

    Do you have the Cloud Engineer skills to bring effective solutions to our clients? If you’re self-motivated and detail oriented with a keen analytical mind you may have a long and rewarding career ahead of you as a freelance Cloud Engineer. Ideally, you’ll also have a valid, clean driving license and access to a vehicle. You’ll be happy to work shifts and possess excellent written and verbal communications skills.

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