• What Does a Network Operations Manager Do?

    A Network Operations Manager hires and leads the team responsible for data communication networks – Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs) including both wired and wireless. His or her team manages changes in the network, including equipment installation, software upgrades and patching in a manner to minimize disruption of business operations. In cases of a failure, they must respond rapidly to diagnose and execute repairs and shorten the downtime. Their responsibilities will extend most often to Internet communications, voice and video, where these are present.


    The Manager ensures that routine scheduled tasks, such as monitoring traffic and installing upgrades and patches are completed on schedule. They will approve any changes to the settings of network devices. Security is critical, as the threat against the corporate networks, data and communications is constant. The network team may also be asked to control access to the network, defining access policy and granting credentials to users. Continuous learning is required to keep skills fresh for the constant advances in the technology.


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