• What is a Network Switch?

    The network effect, connecting many things together, needs a connector. In networking, this is the network switch.


    This is where your network design begins.


    Connecting computers, printers, or any other device, the network switch is the integral piece of hardware to make that happen.


    Here, we will discuss what is a network switch, how it differs from a network router, and how this fits into the software defined networking conversation.


    What is a network switch

    A network switch is a networking device that switches and forwards data packets. A network switch will forward data packets from one network to another. The network switch connects multiple devices on a network.


    The switch will typically sit within a data center and forward data packets from one device to one or multiple devices. The broadcast is usually through one port. Data is typically not broadcast through multiple ports.


    Network Switch


    A network switch is different from a network router. Although both play an important function in a network and the internet.

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