Knowing whether or not you need a network switch might seem confusing, but once you know the basics about them, you will be able to make a simple and informed decision. In their simplest form, network switches simply allow more ethernet ports to be added to your router.


    For the average person, you likely use WiFi for all of your devices; however, if you have a lot of devices on your WiFi, it can slow down the connection. Ethernet allows for your devices to be wired right into the router itself. But if you have too many devices, such as with an entertainment center, or want to run ethernet throughout your house, you will likely need a network switch to increase the number of ports. In this article we will help cover everything there is to know about what is a switch network.

    What is a Network Switch?

    A network switch looks like a home base. It is a small box that has numerous ethernet ports on it and usually some form of lighting to show quickly what ports are being used at any time. The network switch will likely be installed near your router but this is not required if you are planning to run ethernet throughout your house.

    Network switches aren’t known for being modern or nice looking, so it is important to find a place to put the switch where it is out of the way. Most network switches are very simple and function very similarly in that they are a vessel to add more ethernet ports to the router. They do not necessarily add any additional functionality to the router.

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