• Why use Windows Defender?

    Two separate testing agencies, AV-comparatives and AV-test, put the Windows 10 built-in tool high in their rankings.


    According to AV-comparatives, Microsoft is one of four vendors (out of sixteen in total) that did not miss a single threat during the tests. Of course, it is worth noting that the tests in question are often automated and aim to simulate everyday situations where malware may collide. There is no solution that is completely inclusive.


    The above test also shows some weaknesses of the tool. There are cases where the system does not immediately mark the application as dangerous, but asks the user whether to install it. This is not an optimal solution. His work is also accompanied by false alarms, blocking many legitimate applications and services.

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    AV-test also places Windows Defender among the leaders in its June 2019 ranking for security solutions for Windows 10. The system has captured all threats submitted to it by the agency, including one in the "zero-day" category ", that is, unknown to date). In fact, this result is not something new - Defender is in the lead or with very good results in the charts for April and February this year as well as inDecember and October last.


    The agency also ranked Microsoft above average in terms of performance when installing applications and copying files. 

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